Orientation Maps and the Summary of Circumstances

The two maps below, provided as a courtesy by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, provide a general orientation into the bomber's flight over Pennsylvania and the location of the ditching, sinking and presumed burial site of the B-25 in the Monongahela River.  As companion guide to the maps, the Summary of Circumstances (SOC) from the accident investigation report is provided.  The Summary of Circumstances is one of several elements contained in the Accident Investigation Report.  The purpose of the SOC was to provide an "executive overview" of the B-25 incident to the officers who formed the Accident Investigation Board.  The SOC is presented for the readers review in the original format.  Marginal notes and calculations that you see on the pages of the document are from researchers who have reviewed the SOC.

Courtesy Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Copyright 1999 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette