Robert L. Shema

Bob Shema brings almost 30 years of experience to the B-25 recovery project that includes an in-depth understanding of the Monongahela River and the river’s complex environment, the application of side and sector scan sonar in littoral settings and a unique understanding of the synergy that results when man, machine and the river meet. 

Bob’s role within the group is that of Operations Director. His responsibilities include the planning and scheduling of all river-borne activities. Additionally, Bob is responsible for the acquisition and use of specialized equipment, safety of operations while on the water and post mission research activities. Among his personal accomplishments, Bob Shema is a USCG licensed Captain and has received recognition by the United States Coast Guard for his work in navigation safety.

Steve Byers

Steve Byers is the founder and owner of Sennex Corporation.  Mr. Byers is currently involved in the Nation wide expansion of Sennex's computer training division, Computer Solutions Today.  Early in his career, Mr. Byers earned many computer certification that he leveraged into developing the solutions that Sennex corporation now offers to many small and medium size businesses.  From enterprise network and internet setups to simple web page development and hosting Sennex offers a range of technological solutions under Mr. Byers direction. 

Steve is not all business, however, and he does have a few interests outside the office! including aviation, sports cars, fine dining, a tough game of pool, and the challenging research to recover a B-25 that was lost over 40 years ago in the Monongahela River near Pittsburgh.

Matt Pundzak

Matt Pundzak is a Senior Staff Engineer for Intel-Data, Incorporated,  a Virginia-based firm specializing in systems engineering support to government.

A retired Air Force Intelligence Officer, Matt brings twenty years of "hand’s on" military experience and technical insight to the team. His experience within the military and government include airborne reconnaissance, special operations, national level intelligence collection and the application of technology to the intelligence and information domain.

Matt’s primary role within the group is to support the research activities of the group and serve as liaison to the Air Force and other government organizations.  In conjunction with John Uldrich, Matt is also involved in the documentation of the group’s activity.  As with Steve Byers and John Uldrich, Matt is also an experienced pilot.  Matt holds a B.S. from the University of Pittsburgh and also holds a Masters in Systems Management.

John Uldrich

John is CEO of SynSat Communications Ltd., a Minneapolis-Shanghai based marketing consultancy firm which is also involved with syndication of products to a variety of media. For additional information, see
Coming to Pittsburgh in 1992 to obtain a Master's Degree in Asian Studies from the University of Pittsburgh, he also did research for the Ridgway Institute for International Security Studies. While in Pittsburgh, he embarked on a research project to determine, if possible, the fate of the B25 which ditched in the Monongahela river in 1956.
He brought to the project a professional background in sonar technology, having been a partner and co-founder of Vexilar Inc., a leading edge firm in the sonar field. Using side-scan sonar and other electronic search gear, the B25 Recovery Team was able to determine the approximate location of the long-missing aircraft.
Like Steve and Matt, he also has an extensive background in aviation with a commercial pilot's certificate with multi-engine, instrument, helicopter, sailplane and float plane ratings. He served on active duty with the Third Marine Air Wing, United States Marine Corps, El Toro, California from 1956-58 and the Marine Air Reserves until 1962. He is a member of the Company of Military Historians and has published a number of military-related works.


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