Press Release:  B-25 Group Dives on Mon


02 December  2000, Pittsburgh, PA

On Saturday, the 2nd of December the B-25 Recovery Group dove on the Bird's Landing site. The expedition, sponsored by the Historic Society of Western Pennsylvania and private contributors, focused on visually confirming the Bird's Landing site and employing a metal detector to locate the remains of a B-25 bomber lost over 44 years ago.

In spite of cold conditions in Pittsburgh, Marion Hill Associates, Inc., a commercial diving company, placed two professional divers in the water at Bird's Landing. The divers explored and video taped the target area for several hours and found it littered with metal and large concrete debris. The presence of metal on the surface of the target area eliminated the practicality of an underwater metal detector to attempt to locate the remains of the aircraft.

The Group learned a great deal of information with the day's effort. Data collected during this dive will be applied to future dives . The 2 December expedition also excluded the future use of the metal detector as a primary sensor for locating the aircraft. The team will now evaluate other options for exploring the hole. Options available include the use of bottom profiling sonar, direct probes of the site with drills or an archeological excavation on the "hole". No schedule has been set for the next phase of the Search

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